Trenchlink is a system of interlocking, ductile iron, road plates which are designed to cover utility trenches.

Trenchlink will save you Time, Labour and Materials. It will save you money… 

If you are a contractor- Trenchlink will save a minimum of £25/mtr by making Temporary Tar obsolete

If used on 2 jobs in 1 week: it will only cost less than £10/mtr to rent and traffic will flow freely while you increase your productivity- so everyone wins

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                   500MAX-Crossing                                     500MAX-Linear                                       Resist-a-Skid-Tile

                   300-500mm trench width                            300-500mm trench width                          Permanent skid resistant solution

                 500MAX-Crossing on site in Jersey, Channel Islands              500MAX-Linear on trial               Resist-a-Skid Tile set on 8x4 road plate